1814 Burial Records for St Matthews Church, Chapel Allerton

1814NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy Whom the Ceremony was performed.
1Elizabeth wife of John MawsonChapel Allerton11 January 181439Edw. Wilson Curate
2Rebecca Daughter of Thomas NaylorMoor Allerton24 January 18142 daysEdw. Wilson Curate
3Richard BulmerWoodhouse28 January 181472Edw. Wilson Curate
4Joseph WilsonBuslingthorp11 February 181471Edw. Wilson Curate
5Robert WheelhousePotter Newton15 February 181427Edw. Wilson Curate
6Hannah wife of John PlowesChapel Allerton27 February 181452Edw. Wilson Curate
7Isabella wife of John WrightPotter Newton4 March 181428Edw. Wilson Curate
8Mary Oates, WidowWoodside28 March 181476Edw. Wilson Curate
9Mary Daughter of Jane PallisterPotter Newton7 April 18144mEdw. Wilson Curate
10Elizabeth wife of Jonathan HainsworthChapel Allerton8 April 181477Edw. Wilson Curate
11Dinah Wife of Mr John ButterworthLeeds15 April 181457Edw. Wilson Curate
12Emma Daughter of late James TaylorLeeds11 May 18147Edw. Wilson Curate
13William HirstChapel Allerton22 May 181429Edw. Wilson Curate
14Hannah wife of John HardyWoodside23 May 181461Edw. Wilson Curate
15Elizabeth wife of James BurleyChapel Allerton27 May 181445Edw. Wilson Curate
16Elizabeth Daughter of William HodgsonMoor Allerton30 May 18144Edw. Wilson Curate
17Hannah Otty Single WomanPotter Newton3 June 181421Edw. Wilson Curate
18Edwin Son of Late James TaylorLeeds12 June 18145Jos Bushby Off Minister
19Mary wife of John RinderChapel Allerton12 June 181450Jos Bushby Curate Leeds
20Elizabeth InghamLeeds17 June 181466John Smithson Curate of Headingley
21George Son of Elizabeth ScurrowMoor Allerton23 June 18147mEdw. Wilson Curate
22Mary Daughter of John HodgsonPotter Newton25 June 18141Edw. Wilson Curate
23Anne Daughter of George FranksChapel Allerton10 July 18141Edw. Wilson Curate
24George Son of John LundPotter Newton19 July 181415John Smithson Minister of Headingley
25Matilda Daughter of Mr John MyersMoor Allerton1 August 181414Edw. Wilson Curate
26Mr Thomas JohnsonLeeds10 August 181452Edw. Wilson Curate
27John Son of John WilsonChapel Allerton23 August 18141 DayEdw. Wilson Curate
28John MitchellPotter Newton23 August 181444Edw. Wilson Curate
29Sarah Daughter of Thomas BywaterMoor Allerton24 August 18141 DayEdw. Wilson Curate
30Thomas ClarkPotter Newton25 August 181447Edw. Wilson Curate
31Joseph Son of John WilsonChapel Allerton28 August 18145 DaysEdw. Wilson Curate
32Samuel Son of Thomas MilnerChapel Allerton31 August 181410Edw. Wilson Curate
33Anne Wife of Henry CroslandPotter Newton10 September 181437Edw. Wilson Curate
34Esther Wife of Francis IbbetsonPotter Newton28 September 181428Edw. Wilson Curate
35Francis Son of William DavisLeeds28 September 181422mEdw. Wilson Curate
36Anne Wife of Thomas HoltChapel Allerton29 September 181420Edw. Wilson Curate
37John Son of Henry CroslandPotter Newton9 October 181420 WeeksEdw. Wilson Curate
38Mary SimpsonChapel Allerton13 October 181421John Smithson Curate of Headingley
39Mary Anne Daughter of Anne InglesPotter Newton31 October 18142Edw. Wilson Curate
40Hannah Daughter of Joseph SmithChapel Allerton15 November 181425 WeeksEdw. Wilson Curate
41Margarette Daughter of George Wailes EsqPotter Newton26 November 18143Edw. Wilson Curate
42Agnes Wife of John ParkChapel Allerton1 December 181484Edw. Wilson Curate
43Mary Daughter of John TealeChapel Allerton4 December 18143 WeeksEdw. Wilson Curate
44William Son of John WoodQuarries6 December 18149mEdw. Wilson Curate
45John KillingbeckQuarries28 December 181465Edw. Wilson Curate