1819 Burial Records for St Matthew’s Church, Chapel Allerton

1819NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy Whom the Ceremony was performed.
1Hannah wife of George BottomPotter Newton1 Jan 181961C Clapham Off Min
2William WaiterLeeds4 Jan 181958Edw. Wilson Curate
3Grace Wilton WidowChapel Allerton8 Jan 181974Edw. Wilson Curate
4Robert PawsonLeeds19 Jan 181985Edw. Wilson Curate
5Charlotte wife of William ToddMoor Allerton4 Feb 181931Edw. Wilson Curate
6William Ridsdale son of John WilsonChapel Allerton12 Feb 18191 MEdw. Wilson Curate
7Joseph son of Christopher ReadMoor Allerton16 Feb 18192Edw. Wilson Curate
8John WrightMoor Allerton21 Feb 181965Edw. Wilson Curate
9Robert DobbinLeeds24 Feb 181942Edw. Wilson Curate
10Anne daughter of George Naylor deceasedMoor Allerton28 Feb 18191Edw. Wilson Curate
11Elizabeth Dr of William Tood?Moor Allerton12 Mar 18196 MEdw. Wilson Curate
12Charlotte daughter of John Smith deceasedChapel Allerton25 Mar 181917Edw. Wilson Curate
13Martha wife of Thomas KindrewLeeds9 Apr 181948Edw. Wilson Curate
14Hannah Dr of Joseph ClarkQuarries25 Apr 181919Edw. Wilson Curate
15Benjamin son of Benjamin DickinsonChapel Allerton30 Apr 18191 MEdw. Wilson Curate
16Mary Dr of Benj DickinsonChapel Allerton28 May 18192 MEdw. Wilson Curate
17James son of James GawthorpLeeds15 Jun 18192 MEdw. Wilson Curate
18Thomas son of John NicholsonChapel Allerton17 Jun 18199 MEdw. Wilson Curate
19William SandiforthHolbeck24 Jun 181939Edw. Wilson Curate
20John HowcroftManchester26 Jun 181950Geo Wray Officg Minsiter
21Edward PullanPotter Newton15 Jul 181965Geo Wray Officg Minsiter
22Martha wife of Jonas SteelLeeds16 Jul 181945Geo Wray Officg Minsiter
23John SmithChapel Allerton25 Jul 181942Geo Wray Officg Minsiter
24Thomas ProcterWoodside6 Aug 181926Edw. Wilson Curate
25Mary daughter of Daniel AtackPotter Newton17 Aug 181914 MEdw. Wilson Curate
26Anne wife of James EllisChapel Allerton15 Aug 181942Edw. Wilson Curate
27Elizabeth Smith WidowChapel Allerton27 Aug 181942Edw. Wilson Curate
28William LofthouseLeeds6 Sep 181939Edw. Wilson Curate
29Mary daughter of Richard JohnsonChapel Allerton9 Sep 18194 MEdw. Wilson Curate
30Anne Storey single womanPotter Newton12 Sep 181932Edw. Wilson Curate
31Matthew son of William HardyWoodside12 Sep 18195 MEdw. Wilson Curate
32Sarah wife of Thomas MasonBuslingthorp19 Sep 181936Edw. Wilson Curate
33Betty Daughter of George SimpsonLeeds22 Sep 181921 MEdw. Wilson Curate
34Aaron HainsworthHare Hills Mill27 Sep 181977Edw. Wilson Curate
35Francis son of Francis ReynardPotter Newton10 Oct 18191 MEdw. Wilson Curate
36Rowland BrooksbankChapel Allerton8 Dec 181969Edw. Wilson Curate
37William MaynardChapel Allerton9 Dec 181931Edw. Wilson Curate
38George son of Thomas Clark, died afterPotter Newton12 Dec 181916Edw. Wilson Curate
39John GawthorpLeeds12 Dec 181984Edw. Wilson Curate
40Anne Cocker widowWoodside29 Dec 1819102Edw. Wilson Curate