1821 Burial Records for St Matthew’s Church, Chapel Allerton

1821NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy Whom the Ceremony was performed.
1Anne Clarkson WidowClifford2 Jan 182177Jos Bushby Off Minister
2Mr Richard son of Martin Hind EsqPotter Newton5 Jan 182120Edw. Wilson Curate
3Abraham KnaptonChapel Allerton31 Jan 182174Edw. Wilson Curate
4George son of George BagnettPotter Newton3 Feb 182111Edw. Wilson Curate
5Elizabeth wife of James AppleyardHeadingley4 Feb 182167Edw. Wilson Curate
6John PawsonWoodhouse Car18 Feb 182146Edw. Wilson Curate
7Richard ParkChapel Allerton19 Feb 182180Edw. Wilson Curate
8Susanna TyasChapel Allerton4 Mar 182170Edw. Wilson Curate
9Theophila Dr of William WhiteheadWoodside18 Mar 18216 WEdw. Wilson Curate
10Anne daughter of Andrew Greaves deceasedWoodside21 Mar 182116Edw. Wilson Curate
11William MartinWeetwood31 Mar 182147Edw. Wilson Curate
12Henry son of William ThackrayWeetwood19 Apr 182120Edw. Wilson Curate
13John LilleyChapel Allerton20 Apr 182170Edw. Wilson Curate
14Elizabeth Pawson widowSheepscar22 Apr 182181Edw. Wilson Curate
15David HemsworthWoodside22 Apr 182154Edw. Wilson Curate
16Hannah daughter of Thomas HainsworthWoodside27 Apr 18216 MEdw. Wilson Curate
17Thomas son of Martin Hind EsqPotter Newton4 May 182117Edw. Wilson Curate
18Ellen daughter of John HivesPotter Newton7 May 18218Edw. Wilson Curate
19John son of William ShawWoodside7 May 18212 DEdw. Wilson Curate
20Hannah wife of Thomas EdsonChapel Allerton29 May 182150Edw. Wilson Curate
21Anne BrownQuarries30 May 182130Edw. Wilson Curate
22Hannah wife of James JeffersonHorsforth4 Jun 182130Edw. Wilson Curate
23William MassonChapel Allerton7 Jun 182125Edw. Wilson Curate
24Matthew HigginsMeanwood14 Jun 182183Edw. Wilson Curate
25Joseph son of Francis IbbetsonPotter Newton9 Jul 18218 MJohn Smithson Officiating Minister
26Mary ToddMoor Allerton9 Jul 182171John Smithson Officiating Minister
27Ann daughter of John NaylorPotter Newton13 Jul 182114 MGideon Unsworth Officiating Minister ?
28Thomas NealonWoodhouse14 Jul 182177Gideon Unsworth Officiating Minister ?
29John son of John KillingbeckPotter Newton16 Jul 18217Jos Bushby Off Minister
30Henry son of John MossChapel Allerton31 Jul 182119 MEdw. Wilson Curate
31Sarah wife of Thomas NaylorChapel Allerton19 Aug 182134Edw. Wilson Curate
32Joseph NewallChapel Allerton19 Aug 182152Edw. Wilson Curate
33Mary Rushforth single womanQuarries26 Aug 182136Edw. Wilson Curate
34Thomas son of Francis SturkMeanwood1 Sep 18211 WEdw. Wilson Curate
35Anne dr of Mary GilbertPotter Newton17 Sep 182117 WEdw. Wilson Curate
36Alfred son of Thomas GeorgeLeeds24 Sep 18217 MEdw. Wilson Curate
37James son of Elizabeth WaltonChapel Allerton24 Sep 18216 MEdw. Wilson Curate
38Hannah wife of Thomas WatsonMeanwood15 Oct 182149Edw. Wilson Curate
39Mary wife of John HobsonMeanwood30 Oct 182165Edw. Wilson Curate
40Thomas son of Elizabeth SmithChapel Allerton15 Nov 182115 MEdw. Wilson Curate
41Thomas son of Thomas MannLeeds16 Nov 18212Edw. Wilson Curate
42Edward son of John GlowChapel Allerton3 Dec 18213 MEdw. Wilson Curate