1816 Burial Records for St Matthews Church, Chapel Allerton

1816NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy Whom the Ceremony was performed.
1Mary Hannah Daughter of Thomas PhilipsLeeds10 January 18164Edw. Wilson Curate
2Jane Thackrah WidowLeeds21 January 181676Edw. Wilson Curate
3Margaret Wife of John HargraveWoodside31 January 181619Edw. Wilson Curate
4John Walker WidowerQuarries4 February 181676Edw. Wilson Curate
5Mary Daughter of Jeremiah RobinsonChapel Allerton4 February 18161Edw. Wilson Curate
6Mary Wife of John FarrarChapel Allerton13 February 181649Edw. Wilson Curate
7Frances Wife of John BirchChapel Allerton15 February 181665Edw. Wilson Curate
8James DriverMoor Allerton18 February 181676Edw. Wilson Curate
9Elizabeth Daughter of Mary BrignalleQuarries4 March 18163 WEdw. Wilson Curate
10Thomas KillingbeckWoodside9 March 181686Edw. Wilson Curate
11Judith RinderWoodhouse Carr10 March 181679Edw. Wilson Curate
12Hannah Wife of Thomas BrumbyWoodside10 March 181668Edw. Wilson Curate
13Christopher Son of late Joseph SmithChapel Allerton10 March 181616Edw. Wilson Curate
14Frances IbbetsonPotternewton13 March 181677George Ireland Curate
15Dorothy NicholsonHeadingley26 March 181675Edw. Wilson Curate
16Elizabeth Daughter of John GibsonChapel Allerton1 April 181617Edw. Wilson Curate
17William Son of William HardyWoodside4 April 181612Edw. Wilson Curate
18Jesse BurrowChapel Allerton12 April 181670Edw. Wilson Curate
19Anne Dr of George LaneQuarries14 April 18163mEdw. Wilson Curate
20Charles Son of John WoodChapel Allerton14 April 18164mEdw. Wilson Curate
21Anne Martin WidowWoodside15 April 181673Edw. Wilson Curate
22Elizabeth Morley WidowPotter Newton17 April 181681Edw. Wilson Curate
23Samuel Smith Single ManOsmondthorp22 April 181631Edw. Wilson Curate
24Mary Anne Dr of Christopher ReadMoor Allerton7 May 181610wEdw. Wilson Curate
25Elizabeth Hall WidowWoodhouse Carr19 May 181672Edw. Wilson Curate
26Sarah Daughter of Samuel FentonChapel Allerton19 May 18167Edw. Wilson Curate
27Anne Linfoot WidowLeeds23 May 181689Edw. Wilson Curate
28Mary Cryer WidowPotter Newton26 May 181676J Barker? Officiating Minister
29Eleanor Wife of Mr John Linn****Moor Allerton30 May 181627Edw. Wilson Curate
30Richard LinforthLeeds5 June 181667Edw. Wilson Curate
31Ann Dr of William HardyWoodside8 June 181610mEdw. Wilson Curate
32Elizabeth Wife of Jonathan Corinle?Potter Newton21 June 181652Edw. Wilson Curate
33Mary Wife of John GawthorpChapel Allerton3 July 181677Edw. Wilson Curate
34Thomas NicholsLeeds10 July 181641Edw. Wilson Curate
35Anne Driver WidowMoor Allerton2 August 181679Edw. Wilson Curate
36Anne Wife of Samuel StricklandChapel Allerton14 August 181674Edw. Wilson Curate
37George Son of Thomas NowellWoodside14 August 18163Edw. Wilson Curate
38Emma Daughter of John RobinsonLeeds21 August 181611mEdw. Wilson Curate
39Sarah Wife of William BlakeyEast Keswick15 September 181675Edw. Wilson Curate
40Mr John MyersMoor Allerton18 September 181649Edw. Wilson Curate
41Mr Henry SpencerChapel Allerton3 September 181652Edw. Wilson Curate
42Catherine Shuker Dr of Mr Charles HarrisonMoor Allerton5 October 181622mEdw. Wilson Curate
43Mary Bowling WidowLeeds18 November 181657Edw. Wilson Curate
44Joseph Son of Joseph FletcherPotter Newton18 November 18161dEdw. Wilson Curate
45William BowlingLeeds23 November 181665Edw. Wilson Curate
46Anne Daughter of Joseph NettletonChapel Allerton29 November 181616Edw. Wilson Curate
47Rebecca Wife of Abraham KnaptonChapel Allerton1 December 181667Edw. Wilson Curate
48Anne Daughter of William Lawn?Leeds18 December 18162Edw. Wilson Curate