1818 Burial Records for St Matthew’s Church, Chapel Allerton

1818NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy Whom the Ceremony was performed.
1Sarah Daughter of William SaynerHare Hills11 January 18181Edw. Wilson Curate
2Harriet Daughter of William ShannChapel Allerton13 January 181814 mEdw. Wilson Curate
3Christopher Son of John MillsPotter Newton15 January 18183 WEdw. Wilson Curate
4Benjamin TealePotter Newton18 January 181837Edw. Wilson Curate
5John Son of John KitchenRoundhay23 January 18185 WEdw. Wilson Curate
6William Son of Benjamin DixonMeanwood25 January 181814 WEdw. Wilson Curate
7Joseph Son of Joseph HowdenChapel Allerton27 January 18186 WEdw. Wilson Curate
8George Son of William SaynorHare Hills10 February 18184Edw. Wilson Curate
9Anne Dickinson WidowChapel Allerton1 March 181882Edw. Wilson Curate
10John Son of John Batley?Woodside3 March 18185 mEdw. Wilson Curate
11Mary WalkerChapel Allerton3 March 181867Edw. Wilson Curate
12James Son of Thomas MannChapel Allerton8 March 18184Edw. Wilson Curate
13Thomas Son of Joseph CowellLeeds15 March 181811 mEdw. Wilson Curate
14Martha Wife of John KitchingmanChapel Allerton15 March 181864Edw. Wilson Curate
15Elijah KitchingmanChapel Allerton5 April 181827Edw. Wilson Curate
16John KitchinghamChapel Allerton12 April 181874Edw. Wilson Curate
17Sarah Penelope Dr of the Revd Edward WilsonPotter Newton16 April 181820R Fawcett Offc Minister
18Lydia Wife of Thomas BoltonMeanwood17 April 181827Edw. Wilson Curate
19Mary KirbyPotter Newton17 May 181848Edw. Wilson Curate
20Robert SmithOsmondthorp1 June 181862Edw. Wilson Curate
21Anne Wife of Benjamin DickinsonChapel Allerton9 June 181830Edw. Wilson Curate
22Benjamin Son of John Smith, deceasedChapel Allerton11 June 18184Edw. Wilson Curate
23William Midgley
He drowned himself in a fit of lunacy consequently the burial service was not “read?”
Potter Newton14 June 1818Edw. Wilson Curate
24George Son of William ScurrowMoor Allerton16 June 202215Edw. Wilson Curate
25James son of Joseph IbbetsonLeeds28 June 18186Edw. Wilson Curate
26Samuel StricklandChapel Allerton12 July 181870Edw. Wilson Curate
27Mary Smith WidowChapel Allerton13 July 181869Edw. Wilson Curate
28Mary Bradbury daughter of Richard JohnsonChapel Allerton20 July 181810 WEdw. Wilson Curate
29John son of William ScurrowMoor Allerton2 August 181826Edw. Wilson Curate
30Joseph son of Benjamin DickinsonChapel Allerton10 August 18182Edw. Wilson Curate
31William ClarksonMeanwood15 August 181881Edw. Wilson Curate
32Andrew GreavesWoodside18 August 181860Edw. Wilson Curate
33Mary wife of John BoltonChapel Allerton30 August 181876Edw. Wilson Curate
34George NaylorMoor Allerton1 September 181829Edw. Wilson Curate
35Anne daughter of Thomas VarleyChapel Allerton9 September 18184Edw. Wilson Curate
36Mary wife of William FieldChapel Allerton9 September 181880Edw. Wilson Curate
37Griffith Wright EsqHarehills31 October 181886Edw. Wilson Curate
38Eleanor wife of John LumbChapel Allerton13 November 181880Edw. Wilson Curate
39Charles son of Thomas NicholsonGledhow11 November 18187 WEdw. Wilson Curate
40Arthur LindleyWoodside23 November 181878Edw. Wilson Curate
41Luke HickLeeds2 December 181882Edw. Wilson Curate
42William son of William HarvyWoodside15 December 18187 MEdw. Wilson Curate
43John son of John TealeQuarries15 December 18182Edw. Wilson Curate