1820 Burial Records for St Matthew’s Church, Chapel Allerton

1820NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy Whom the Ceremony was performed.
1Susannah wife of John WoodChapel Allerton2 Jan 182025Edw. Wilson Curate
2Ellen daughter of George MossLeeds10 Jan 182024Edw. Wilson Curate
3John HudsonMoor Allerton12 Jan 182053Edw. Wilson Curate
4Rebecca wife of Richard Sayner?Woodside30 Jan 182051Edw. Wilson Curate
5Anne daughter of Richard Yeardley?Woodhouse Carr31 Jan 18208 MEdw. Wilson Curate
6Eleanor daughter of Thomas LuckChapel Allerton6 Feb 182013 MEdw. Wilson Curate
7Robert SmithLeeds13 Feb 182038Edw. Wilson Curate
8Elizabeth wife of Thomas HodgsonPotter Newton15 Feb 182053Edw. Wilson Curate
9Anne Killingbeck WidowWoodside5 Mar 182097Edw. Wilson Curate
10William son of Jonathan KnaptonPotter Newton8 Mar 182011Edw. Wilson Curate
11John ScarboroughBuslingthorp12 Mar 182027Edw. Wilson Curate
12William PlowesQuarries16 Mar 182033Edw. Wilson Curate
13Elizabeth daughter of William KnaptonPotter Newton19 Mar 18202Edw. Wilson Curate
14Elizabeth PallisterPotter Newton20 Mar 182085Edw. Wilson Curate
15William son of Benjamin TatePotter Newton24 Mar 18207 MEdw. Wilson Curate
16Ann wife of Samuel HodgsonChapel Allerton29 March 182058Edw. Wilson Curate
17Elizabeth Dr of William TealeMoor Allerton1 Apr 18206Edw. Wilson Curate
18Thomas son of John WoodChapel Allerton17 May 18202Edw. Wilson Curate
19Margaret Brockden wife of William Williams Brown EsqChapel Allerton29 May 182025Edw. Wilson Curate
20Elizabeth daughter of Robert SmithLeeds15 Jun 18201Edw. Wilson Curate
21Joseph son of John HudsonMoor Allerton23 Jun 182021Edw. Wilson Curate
22Michael Kerrs?Chapel Allerton27 Jun 182015Edw. Wilson Curate
23Mary wife of Martin CawoodLeeds24 Aug 182059Edw. Wilson Curate
24Benjamin son of Samuel SmithChapel Allerton29 Aug 18205 DR Fawcett Off Mins
25William BarnettLeeds31 Aug 182033John Smithson Off Minister
26Ralph BlakelockChapel Allerton1 Sep 182044R Fawcett Off Mins
27Anne Maria daughter of Thomas GeorgeLeeds4 Sep 182015 MJohn Smithson Off Minister
28Mary daughter of John RobinsonLeeds13 Sep 18206 MEdw. Wilson Curate
29Luke BlakelockLeeds14 Sep 182045Edw. Wilson Curate
30Charlotte daughter of Benjamin DickinsonChapel Allerton27 Sep 18208 WEdw. Wilson Curate
31William KillingbeckWoodhouse Carr1 Oct 182058Edw. Wilson Curate
32Sarah Bowling widowLeeds13 Oct 182055Edw. Wilson Curate
33Hannah NewsonLeeds15 Oct 182064Edw. Wilson Curate
34Anne wife of William JacksonChapel Allerton16 Oct 182068Edw. Wilson Curate
35Elizabeth How WidowLeeds29 Oct 182071Edw. Wilson Curate
36Mary daughter of George SimpsonLeeds5 Nov 182015Edw. Wilson Curate
37Margaret Dr of John BucktonChapel Allerton19 Nov 182015Edw. Wilson Curate
38Joseph BickerdikeChapel Allerton13 Nov 182085Edw. Wilson Curate
39William son of John NashPotter Newton23 Nov 18203 WEdw. Wilson Curate
40Elizabeth wife of Thomas SizerPotter Newton21 Dec 182054Edw. Wilson Curate
41Sarah wife of Samuel TateMeanwood24 Dec 182057Edw. Wilson Curate
42Thomas WhalleyLeeds28 Dec 182060Edw. Wilson Curate