1813 Burial Records for St Matthew’s Church, Chapel Allerton

1813NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy Whom the Ceremony was performed.
1Robert son of Joseph SmithBuslingthorp21 January 181315Edw. Wilson Curate
2William WhitakerLeeds27 January 181343Edw. Wilson Curate
3Alice wife of James NelsonWoodside27 January 181328Edw. Wilson Curate
4Mrs Anne Ward WidowMoor Allerton6 February 181371Edw. Wilson Curate
5Henry Son of William MawsonLeeds17 February 18132Edw. Wilson Curate
6Heap Son of JohnsonManchester19 February 18135mEdw. Wilson Curate
7William TaylorLeeds21 February 181329Edw. Wilson Curate
8Thomas Preston JunrChapel Allerton21 February 181338Edw. Wilson Curate
9William ThackrahLeeds25 February 181387Edw. Wilson Curate
10Thomas RoomChapel Allerton17 March 181349John Wilson Curate
11Mrs Hannah Royston WidowLeeds22 March 181322Edw. Wilson Curate
12Matthew PrinceWoodside28 March 181338Edw. Wilson Curate
13Hannah Dr of John WilsonChapel Allerton2 April 18137mEdw. Wilson Curate
14William CryerPotter Newton4 April 181369Edw. Wilson Curate
15Jane Dr of John GibsonChapel Allerton15 April 18132Edw. Wilson Curate
16Jane Dr of James Tuker (?)Potter Newton29 April 18135wEdw. Wilson Curate
17Eleanor Dr of Richard WilksLeeds14 May 181320mEdw. Wilson Curate
18John MidgleyWoodside16 May 181355Edw. Wilson Curate
19Sarah Wife of Benjamin SandiforthWoodside15 May 181366Edw. Wilson Curate
20Ellen Hill Wife of Charles CopeLeeds17 May 181329Edw. Wilson Curate
21William MarshallWoodside28 May 181324Edw. Wilson Curate
22William PawsonQuarries4 June 181343Edw. Wilson Curate
23Henry DobbyAllerton Grange21 June 181380Edw. Wilson Curate
24Mary wife of James BurrowsPotter Newton23 June 181361Edw. Wilson Curate
25John son of Matthew TaylorRoundhay19 July 18133Jos Bushby Off Minister
26Mary wife of George BailesWoodhouse Lane24 August 181334Edw. Wilson Curate
27John MidgleyWoodside1 September 181374Edw. Wilson Curate
28John SimpsonLeeds6 September 181372Edw. Wilson Curate
29Lucy Craven, WidowPotter Newton13 September 181383Edw. Wilson Curate
30Margaret daughter of William ReynardWoodside16 September 181312Edw. Wilson Curate
31David RhodesPotter Newton17 October 181367Edw. Wilson Curate
32John PearsonPotter Newton27 October 181361Edw. Wilson Curate
33John ChapmanWoodside3 November 181372Edw. Wilson Curate
34Mary wife of Joshua HargravesLeeds30 December 181340John Smithson Curate of Headingley
35Rebecca Daughter of Thomas LongfellowChapel Allerton31 December 181318mEdw. Wilson Curate